My Work

I am the Community Care Coordinator for Health Home & Jewish Community Services at Jewish Family Service of Buffalo & Erie County.

Within my role as a Health Home Community Care Coordinator I enroll clients and coordinate their medical and social services under the auspices of the Greater Buffalo United Accountable Healthcare Network & Medicaid.

I work closely with our Health Home clients, including immigrant populations and seniors; as well as medical providers, social service providers, other patient services and agencies to improve patient care and outcomes, as well as facilitate cultural and linguistic access for our clients.

Within my role as the Jewish Community Services Care Coordinator I function both the Case Manager at large for the Jewish community, and as the Liaison to Survivors & Child Survivors of the Holocaust for the Claims Conference and The Blue Card.

As the Case Manager at large, I work to link individuals within the Jewish community to the social services and supports that they require. It is my duty to ensure that these organizations working with my clients do so in a way that is respectful to the unique needs of the Jewish community.

My work as Liaison to Survivors & Child Survivors of the Holocaust sees me provide the same services that I provide to the Jewish community at large, as well as services that are unique to survivors of torture. This includes working with my clients to receive funds through The Blue Card and the Claims Conference, as well as pursuing other avenues of financial compensation from those who were complicit in Nazi atrocities.

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Communally I enjoy facilitating meditation and stress management workshops. This includes participating in and leading drum circles as a form of stress reduction.