Services Offered

Services Offered

Solutions Focused Counseling
Solutions Focused work is a goal-directed, collaborative approach to solving problems and addressing any number of life’s barriers or challenges that may be standing in your way. Solutions Focused Counseling works by identifying your goals and identifying your strengths, as well as those resources and skills that you already possess. We then use those, while working together, to find solutions to the challenges you are facing. Most clients find that engaging in Solutions Focused Counseling is a short process, often no more than eight sessions on average. Read more about Solutions Focused Counseling here.

Supportive Counseling
Sometimes you may need a safe place to talk, to receive support, and to have a neutral and impartial sounding board for life’s concerns or for your ideas. I am here to listen, to reflect, and to help facilitate difficult conversations that will help you address your concerns in addition to helping you identify and reach your goals.

Motivational Interviewing
Motivational interviewing is used to assist those who are struggling with making decisions as well as when you may be feeling “stuck” or overwhelmed with choices, having a hard time making change, or need help addressing your ambivalence toward facing what awaits you in your future.  We work together, going back and forth, question and answer, in order to allow you to open your mind to all of the possibilities that are before you (including those you have never thought of before) so that you can arrive at an informed decision: one informed by your own experiences, based on your interests, one that is best for you… because the answer eventually comes for you. Here I merely facilitate and elicit what is already inside of you to help you reach a resolution and to find an answer.

Stress Reduction, Mindfulness, and Meditation:
You will learn how to reduce stress through a variety of techniques, including mindfulness and meditation, in order to improve social functioning and overall well-being. Whether in individual sessions or in groups, you will leave each session with tools that you can immediately implement in your own life.

Mussar Work
Mussar is a 1,000 year-old, solutions-focused, Jewish spiritual practice based on creating a “soul curriculum” that addresses both positive and negative behaviors in one’s own life in order to find balance and to fit back into society in a harmonious way. Clients will learn how to implement these skills in their lives for improved individual, social, and emotional functioning, as well as for stress reduction.

I am available to facilitate a number of presentations, workshops, and team building events on topics such as Ableism, Inclusion, Disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community, and others. Please go to my Workshops page to request more information on my available workshops.

Special Services
I am available for consulting work for non-profits and community works. I specialize in grant writing, program development, entrepreneurial development, and business canvas facilitation. Please go to my Special Services page to request more information on my special services.

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