Foundation Year

MSW Foundation Year at the Cheektowaga-Sloan Union Free School District (Work in Progress)

Placement information:
Wednesdays: School Social Work at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School
Thursdays: Solutions Focused Brief Therapy Clinical Work at the Family Solutions Center housed at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School

All areas of the school were part of the the 7 14682142_379171952414187_6867997239748863835_oHabits of Happy Kids – the Leader in me Program and the Social Work Department was no exception! We worked to incorporate the 7 habits into our work, our group sessions, and our interventions.

We did this in a variety of ways –
14681974_379171955747520_2699735156519714487_oThe 7 Habits are:

  1. Be Proactive – You’re in Charge
  2. Begin with the End in Mind – Have a plan
  3. Put First things First – Work First, Then Play
  4. Think Win-Win – Everyone Can Win
  5. Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood – Listen Before You Talk
  6. Synergize – Together is Better
  7. Sharpen The Saw – Balance Feels Best


Oftwatermarked12016-10-15-2223-2en, Social Workers are called upon to help in a variety of areas, especially in a school setting. Sometimes it’s a crisis in the cafeteria, sometimes it’s a a teacher who needs help coping during a disaster that’s affecting their family. Sometimes it’s building the light house float that needs to be in the parade in two days. Whatever the situation, it was an incredible experience to learn from our task supervisor.









The Family Solutions Center