Mussar Musings

Mussar Musings

הכרת הטוב
Recognizing the Good / Gratitude

What are you feeling grateful for today?

Have you noticed a difference in yourself through your gratitude practice?

Have any blessings recently come your way in disguise?


What situations might be difficult for you to show honor to someone? How do those situations make you feel?

Have you noticed a change in how you ‘see’ people that you do not know?  Are you less likely now to make snap judgements?

Did you find this Middah to be more difficult than others we have studied?

Are you able to honor and show respect to those who you do not agree with or who do not honor or respect you? Are there other middot you could use to help you do this?


In what area of your life do you struggle with patience the most?

Do you consider yourself to be a patient person? Would others say the same?

What happens when you lose your patience?

What will you do differently this week to enhance your practice of patience?

How can your patience phrase help you when you’re feeling impatient?

Have you struggled with this middah? Have you found it easier than others we’ve studied?


Pay attention to how many opportunities you have throughout the day to do an act of chesed.

How will you focus on your chesed practice over the weekend? How can your concept of Shabbat enhance your practice?

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