Changing Leaves

Leaves at the Burrow

So we are well into the start of the Fall semester (and year two of three of the MSW Part-Time Traditional Program). Classes are going wonderful!

This past summer I took Motivational Interviewing, Psychopathology, Theories of Organizational Behavior & Leadership, Diversity & Oppression, and Professional Writing and Documentation for Social Workers.

This semester I am taking Interventions I, and History & Policy of Social Work. I am also three courses away from being able to apply for my CASAC credential, which is an incredible feeling!

I have also started my foundation year field placement in the Cheektowaga-Sloan School District. On Wednesdays I function as an MSW Intern doing School Social Work at the Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School. We do group interventions (using the Theraplay Model) for youth. I am running groups for students who need support in developing their social skills, for students with ADHD, and for students who are having problems modulating their emotions and dealing with appropriate ways to express anger. We also do observations, and provide other interventions/support to the school as necessary.

Thursdays I function as an MSW Intern in a clinical role at the Family Solutions Center at the Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. Using Solutions-Focused Brief Therapy we provide team based clinical interventions and counseling for individuals, couples, families, parents and their children, and anyone else who is a resident of the school district that feels they can benefit from our services, free of charge.

It has been an absolutely incredible experience so far! If you have some time, check out some of the work that we’ve been doing to integrate Covey’s 7 Habits of Happy Children into our work!

And at the urging of my task supervisor…I will be working far more diligently to keep this website (and my portfolio) updated!

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