“Who am I becoming?”

So today marks the first day of my first year as a Master of Social Work student at the UB School of Social Work.

At orientation they challenged us to journal or blog, and to think about “who am I becoming” as we go through this journey.

Social Work requires intensive study – but also intensive experiences – from field placements to self care. A large part of our competencies can only be developed from experiences, which is why the journey is so important.

It is my hope to share those experiences here, on this blog, along with my thoughts, struggles, triumphs, successes, and failures, so I will have something to look back upon as I go along this path.

This will allow me to see how I’ve grown, and also reflect upon where I’ve come from, where I’m going, and where I have yet to go. Hopefully this will also provide others with insight into the education process that makes an MSW, and a little bit of a glance “behind the scenes” as I advance through this program.

My hope is to also include resources on self care, policy, and other news articles that you or others may also find of interest.

In any event, welcome to my journey – I’m glad you’re here to join me!

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